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Core Concepts

Gain a comprehensive grasp of the fundamental principles underlying the operation of the Voi Chain. Explore key concepts such as assets, transactions, blocks, consensus, and the virtual machine. This foundational understanding will equip you with the necessary foundational knowledge to fully utilize Voi.

Concept Description
Accounts A structure that encapsulates an address, keys, and a balance. Accounts also have certain attributes and features.
Wallets A container that stores and facilitates the interaction with multiple accounts.
Assets A structure to represent fungible and non-fungible resources on the Voi blockchain.
Transactions A structure signed by accounts that is used to interact with the Voi blockchain.
Transaction Fees The cost to submit a signed transaction to the network and have it written to a block of the Voi blockchain.
Blocks A structure that contains signed transactions that are to be written to the Voi blockchain.
State Proofs A cryptographic proof of state changes that occurred within a set of blocks which is created, signed and submitted as a transaction by the Voi blockchain.
Consensus The way blocks are selected and written to the Voi blockchain.
Nodes Machines that are running the necessary software to participate in the Voi blockchain.
Smart Contracts A structure of executable logic, state and an account that is remotely called by transactions on the Voi blockchain.
Smart Signatures A structure of executable logic and optionally an account to exclusively sign transactions on the Voi blockchain.
Virtual Machine How the logic from smart contracts and smart signatures is evaluated by nodes in the Voi blockchain.