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Community-Centric Tokenomics

Voi is a new highly performant Layer 1 blockchain designed for long-term growth and sustainability.

Voi’s economic architecture is meticulously planned to span 20 years, strategically mitigating inflation and ensuring the protection of our users and stakeholders.

A Commitment to Community-First Economics

At the heart of Voi’s philosophy is a commitment to our community.

We are proud to allocate 75% of our token distribution directly to our users and participants.

This unprecedented move ensures that the majority of network ownership and benefits are channeled towards those who contribute to and grow with our platform.

Sector Allocation (% - Quantity) Lock Up (Months) Vest (Months)
Early Incentives 15% 0 18
Block rewards 10% 0 240
Ecosystem 30% 0 60
Future Growth 20% 60 120
Treasury 25% 24 36

Focused Growth Strategy

  • Early Incentives: To kickstart the network, early incentives are front-loaded, with complete allocation within the first 18 months.
  • Ecosystem and Future Growth: Over the next five years, a significant 50% of tokens are dedicated to nurturing the ecosystem and supporting future growth, ensuring robust development and engagement within Voi.
  • Block Rewards: To support node operators and maintain network security, block rewards are distributed over the 20-year horizon, ensuring sustainability until transaction fees can independently support the network.

Long-Term Stability

Voi is designed not just for today but for decades to come.

Our strategic distribution and vesting periods are set to counteract early inflation and support a steady growth trajectory, protecting both early adopters and future users.

Join Us on Our Journey

We invite developers, users, and enthusiasts to join us as we build a more inclusive, decentralized future. With Voi, engage in a blockchain experience where your contributions are directly rewarded and your involvement is valued.