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Voi's L1 blockchain governance model is inspired by the tripartite system used in various global governments, with its own unique adaptations. This model is structured around three distinct branches: Judicial (Block Authority Inc.), Legislative (Voi Council), and Executive (Voi Foundation), each tasked with specific functions and responsibilities to ensure equitable distribution of power and prevent dominance by any single person or entity.

The essence of adopting this tripartite system is to promote a community-driven approach, democratizing decision-making and maintaining the blockchain's operation in the best interests of its whole ecosystem.

Voi’s governance model is built on the principle of checks and balances, ensuring that no branch overpowers another and that the blockchain remains a balanced, transparent, and equitable system for all participants.

It is an on-chain mechanism that ensures dedicated members of the Voi ecosystem can influence the future of the network and ecosystem.

Voi Council (Legislative)

This branch comprises community-elected and appointed members who reflect the community's voice, interest and priorities.

It is responsible for crafting and modifying governance rules & policies, as well as proposing new initiatives.

Voi Foundation (Executive)

This branch includes both elected and appointed community members.

It is responsible for the implementation of policies and decisions formulated by the Council, aligning daily operations with the community’s values and objectives.

Block Authority Inc. (Judicial)

Operated by the core team, this branch provides guidance and ensures continuity.

It safeguards the constitution and the blockchain’s core principles, acting as a guardian against unnecessary or capricious changes, ensuring amendments are justified and significant.