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Join The Revolution

Voi is a highly performant network truly owned, run, and built by its community.

We are leading the next generation of community-driven blockchains (CDBs).

Unlike other networks, Voi ensures that the value is held within the community, not just the technology.

Built by You: Voi’s ecosystem is created by the community, leveraging the collective expertise and passion of its members. This ensures that Voi evolves to meet the real needs of its users, fostering innovation and adaptability from the ground up.

Run by You: Our democratic governance framework empowers the community to make key decisions. Voi’s Council, elected by token holders, guides the network’s direction and investments, ensuring that those who contribute to the ecosystem have a say in its future.

Owned by You: At Voi, 75% of the ecosystem's tokens are reserved for community members who actively contribute to the network. This ensures that the people driving the ecosystem forward are the ones who benefit the most, promoting true ownership and shared success.

Join the Revolution!

Roles Overview

The Voi ecosystem thrives on the diverse contributions of our community members.

Each role is vital to Voi, contributing to our growth, security, innovation, and community spirit. Together, these roles ensure that Voi remains a leading, community-driven blockchain ecosystem.

Welcome to Voi – Where your contributions matter.

Here are some of our most popular roles that are open to everyone.


Voiagers are the lifeblood of the Voi community. They actively use applications, provide feedback, and spread the word about Voi. Their engagement helps improve and expand the ecosystem, fostering a vibrant and supportive community.

Learn More | Become A Voiager

Node Runners

Node Runners maintain the security and performance of the Voi blockchain. By operating nodes, they ensure the integrity, decentralization, and robustness of the network, making it more secure and efficient for all users.

Learn More | Become A Node Runner


Developers are the architects of the Voi ecosystem. They build and maintain applications, smart contracts, and other components, driving innovation and enhancing the platform’s capabilities. Their work ensures the continuous growth and functionality of Voi.

Learn More | Become A Developer


Builders & Entrepreneurs are the visionaries and creators. They conceive, develop, and launch projects within the Voi ecosystem, driving innovation and creating value. Their initiatives attract users and foster a thriving ecosystem.

Learn More | Become A Builder


DeFi Traders are the financial pioneers. Their trading activities and strategies create a vibrant, liquid, and efficient market for Voi tokens and DeFi applications. They ensure the stability and growth of the financial ecosystem.

Learn More | Become A Trader

NFT Collectors

NFT Collectors support and promote digital art and assets within the Voi ecosystem. By purchasing and trading NFTs, they foster a thriving market for digital art, providing artists with support and enhancing the cultural and economic value of NFTs.

Learn More | Become A Collector

NFT Artists

NFT Artists are the creative force of Voi. Their artwork and creations drive the cultural and economic value of NFTs, enriching the ecosystem with unique and compelling digital art. They attract collectors and fans, contributing to a diverse and vibrant marketplace.

Learn More | Become An Artist

Advanced Roles

Here are some of our more advanced roles that, while open to everyone, may require more commitment to the cause.


Ambassadors are the face of Voi. They promote the network, engage with potential users, and represent Voi at events. Their efforts drive awareness, adoption, and community growth, ensuring Voi reaches a broader audience.

Learn More | Become An Ambassador


Moderators maintain a positive and inclusive environment within the community. They manage discussions, enforce guidelines, and support members, ensuring a welcoming and productive space for all.

Learn More | Become A Moderator


Governors are the decision-makers of Voi. They participate in governance, vote on proposals, and contribute to policy discussions, ensuring the ecosystem remains fair, transparent, and aligned with the community’s needs and values.

Learn More | Become A Governor

Core Partners

Core Partners tackle significant challenges and drive strategic initiatives within Voi. Their expertise and dedication help address key issues, develop strategic projects, and ensure the long-term success and sustainability of the ecosystem.

Learn More | Become A Core Partner

Relay Runners

Relay Runners maintain the network’s performance and security by operating high-performance nodes and relays. They enhance the network’s efficiency, decentralization, and reliability, contributing to a robust and secure blockchain infrastructure.

Learn More | Become A Relay Runner