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Built by You. Run by You. Owned by You.

Welcome to Voi, a revolutionary L1 blockchain designed to fulfill the promises of Web3. Voi is a highly performant network truly owned, run, and built by its community. We believe in the power of decentralization, governance, and ownership, making blockchain technology accessible and beneficial for all.

Built by You: Voi’s ecosystem is created by the community, leveraging the collective expertise and passion of its members. This ensures that Voi evolves to meet the real needs of its users, fostering innovation and adaptability from the ground up.

Run by You: Our democratic governance framework empowers the community to make key decisions. Voi’s Council, elected by token holders, guides the network’s direction and investments, ensuring that those who contribute to the ecosystem have a say in its future.

Owned by You: At Voi, 75% of the ecosystem's tokens are reserved for the community. This ensures that the people driving the ecosystem forward are the ones who benefit the most, promoting true ownership and shared success.

Empowering Communities

Voi is dedicated to serving the multi-billion community infrastructure market, including memberships, loyalty programs, and event ticketing. Our ecosystem is designed for both Web3 and mainstream use cases, making blockchain technology accessible for everyday applications like gym memberships and beyond. We aim to equip communities with the power of Web3 without the typical cost, risk, and complexity.

Highly Performant

Voi Network boasts 2.8 second block times, instant finality and can handle 10K+ TPS under load.

While the technical capabilities of the network are impressive, we believe that the true value of the network is with the community, with you.

Voi's Values

In order to be truly decentralized the community follows a set of values to guide them, they are:

  • Goodwill: Assume positive intent of others by giving others the benefit of the doubt. Act with kindness, compassion, and understanding to others in the ecosystem.
  • Integrity: Ensure credibility of the overall Voi community by being honest and transparent with all communications, interactions and dealing with others within the ecosystem.
  • Collaboration: Favor collaboration and openness over an individual pursuit to get ahead. Building together will not only help Voi achieve its overall vision faster but lead to a more innovative ecosystem.
  • Intentionality: Ensure thoughtful, purpose-driven action, development, and communication inline with Voi’s broader mission and vision.

Join the Voi Revolution

Dive into our white paper to explore our vision and strategic plans in detail and follow our twitter or join our discord to stay up to date.

Read on to learn more about Voi's ecosystem, governance, tokenomics, and more.