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Voi Wallets

Wallets are secure software applications that act much as your physical wallet does. However rather than holding cash or credit cards, they store the passkeys that allow you to manage and control an on-chain Voi account.

The public key, also known as a address can safely be shared. If someone is going to send you cryptocurrency, they will need to know your wallet address. The wallet address can also be used by anyone to see the wallet balance, and transaction history. However it cannot be used to transfer any cryptocurrency out of the wallet.

The private key should always be kept secret. Anyone who knows the private key can transfer cryptocurrency out of your wallet. If the private key is lost then any tokens held in the wallet will be locked there forever. So record your private key and store it safely.

Wallet Options

Voi has several wallet options available.

Wallet Type Ledger Support Note
Kibisis Web Extension No Most Popular
A-Wallet Web App Yes Most Functionality
Lute Web App Yes Ledger Focused

Setting Up Your Wallet

Regardless of which wallet you choose, the basic creation process will remain the same:

  1. Install the web extension or open the web application.
  2. Create an account and record the 25 word mnemonic phrase, or recover an existing account using a previously recorded mnemonic phrase.
  3. Choose your preferred Voi environment. For example, Voi Testnet.