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An important part of being a member of a community driven blockchain, such as Voi, is to get involved in governance!

Voi already has 4 committees setup with dozens of members already signed up to each, you should enroll with those that best align with you and your passions.

This helps ensure that the Voi Council, consisting of community members, can best represent you and Voi's entire community!

These committees also serve as a grassroots entry way into higher level governance of Voi.

Network Committee

Purpose: Represent the network's health and node runners, focusing on stability, security, and technical aspects.

Overview | Register Here

Builders Committee

Purpose: Represent developers, entrepreneurs, and builders, fostering innovation and development.

Overview | Register Here

Culture Committee

Purpose: Represents the diverse cultural aspects, artistic and creative expressions within our ecosystem.

Overview | Register Here

DeFi Committee

Purpose: Represent traders and DeFi participants, focusing on growth, innovation, and security.

Overview | Register Here